Search Engine Marketing is What We Do Best

We help local, regional and national brands unlock the true potential of their paid online advertising campaigns. Our clients trust us to manage over $1 million in annual ad spend each year in a variety of industry verticals. The size of our portfolio affords us access to an ad specialist at Google who advises us on optimization strategies and lets us know about the latest AI-powered developments coming down the pipeline, straight from the source. So when you partner with Gator SEM, you get us and Google!

Our paid search campaigns are informed by data, which we tirelessly analyze and track with the goal of increasing conversions and reducing cost-per-conversion. To this end, we continually recalibrate our organic search initiatives, including Search Enginge Optimization and Content Marketing, to reinforce and amplify paid search efforts.

Here’s a breakdown of what goes into our SEM approach:

Search Engine Marketing Services

Keyword Research

SEM is all about finding your niche. Keyword research allows us to target only the keywords you need to rank for.

Google Ads

We use our expert knowledge of Google Ads to continually optimize our paid search campaigns.

Bing and Other Search Engines

Google isn’t the only search engine. Bing, YouTube, Facebook, and Amazon can also be effective platforms for reaching your audience.

Remarketing / Retargeting

Putting your brand back in front of visitors who came to your site but didn’t convert is an effective way to stretch your paid search campaign dollar.

Intent-Driven Campaigns

We optimize our ads with search intent in mind, leveraging the latest advances in Google’s AI-powered search algorithm.

Consistent Messaging

We combine paid search, organic lead nurturing, and UX optimization into one unified effort to drive conversions.

Free Consultation

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Search Engine Marketing

Email Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing

WordPress Theme Customization

Our Clients Love Us

Kristen Rabell and Rebecca Johnson

Rabell Realty Group/KNR Property Management

They are some of the most knowledgeable professionals I've had the experience and pleasure to work with in the SEO/SEM field. If you are lucky enough to have him work with you then you are already winning.

Carissa Blaser

Carisa Blaser

Pure Aesthetics

Gator SEM has been very helpful. Mat is reliable, trustworthy and great to work with. His work is timely and professional, always 2 steps ahead!

Michael Provost

Ovation Construction

Gator SEM did an excellent job collaborating with my company to build our website. We will be using their services in the future.
Bourbon Society of Central Florida

Frank Mentlick

Bourbon Society of Central Florida

They were extremely helpful in transitioning our website over to WordPress and getting us setup with the essentials we needed for our group.

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