Favorite Marketing Profiles You Need to Be Following on TikTok

We’re relatively new to the TikTok game but there’s a ton of good (and bad) information on there from affiliate marketing to SEO to design. Below are a list of our favorite profiles we think you should be following.

TikTok Marketing Profiles

TikTok Algorithm

Before we get started, let’s take a moment to talk about the TikTok algorithm. You don’t even have to follow anyone to find and discover content on TikTok. They put you immediately on a “For You Page” which is what they think you want to see.

It’s a pretty good algorithm if we do say so ourselves. If you want more marketing videos to show up, simply seek out and start liking content around the subject. You’ll start seeing more videos similar to that one start showing up as you engage with content.

Our Favorite TikTok Marketing Profiles

We’ll update this as we continue to find new people to throw on this list. If you’re on TikTok and think you should be on this list, drop us a note in the comments or reach out to us on TikTok.


Mario is the head of marketing for H&M and provides helpful career tips to young aspiring marketers on how to land a good job in the field. He’s entertaining and has great tips and worth a follow.


Megan does quick, 60 second website audits on TikTok if you follow her videos and drop your website URL on her videos. She has a very strong brand and design background and has great tips in her videos.


Austin puts out a ton of useful and helpful content on TikTok. Most of which focuses on SEO related content but you can learn from his videos too on what would make a successful TikTok channel if that’s your goal as well.


We don’t know Wil personally but he gives us a vibe of a down to earth SEO guy that takes a white hat approach to SEO and that’s something we can definitely vibe with. He started pushing out a course to help small businesses and others learn SEO as well that would probably be very helpful if hiring an agency to do SEO for you is not in your budget.


Mila is an Instagram manager that left and started her own agency. She has provided some awesome tips we’ve used from time to time. If you want to know how to beef up your IG game, you definitely need to be following.


Mary Anne runs her own marketing agency in London and provides great content with a very positive outlook on things. Definitely worth a follow for a friend across the pond.


This user provides useful tips and tricks for a variety of platforms and worth a follow for all things digital marketing.


This guy is fantastic and worth a follow. Wide variety of tips and tricks and all things digital here. If you’re looking to stay on marketing TikTok, like and engage with his videos.

@GatorSEM (obviously)

We’re just getting acquainted with TikTok but we plan on adding a bunch of fun content as we enter 2021. Look forward to connecting with you there!

But is TikTok right for my business?

You might have got through the list and wondering this exact question. That’s ultimately up for you to decide. The audience age is definitely maturing fast as millennials flock to it so as with all social media decisions, you have to understand who your audience is first and then if that platform reaches those folks.

Even if it’s not right for your business, there’s plenty of topics on the site and you can likely gain knowledge about a specific category.

Got some favorite marketing TikTok personalities you want to share? Let us know in the comments who we should add to this list.

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