A high-achieving national events company takes a victory lap.

The Challenge

Shepard is one of the largest and most accomplished event management companies in the U.S. Founded in Atlanta in 1905, Shepard now employs 375 people in offices throughout the country. In the past 3 years alone they’ve provided a platform for more than 130,000 exhibitors, making them leaders in the industry.

But you wouldn’t get that impression from Shepard’s website. The site suffered from an overly complex navigation structure and vague copy that left users confused and lost as they traveled through the site. Shepard asked us to redesign the user experience, aligning it with expert Marketing Director Taylor Elliot’s emerging brand vision.

What’s more, Shepard’s newly hired marketing team had a mandate to refocus the brand and tell the company’s story in a more compelling way. It was time for Shepard’s web presence to catch up with the company’s growth and take its rightful place as a leader in the events industry.

What We Did

We gave Shepard a website that tells the story of their evolution from general service contractor to event business partner.

The new website showcases Shepard’s robust list of in-house services in greater depth, which signals authority to search engines and prospective clients alike, within a content structure that is easier to navigate.

We broke down the silos between several subsidiary companies, so Shepard comes across as a unified whole.

Examples of Shepard’s recent work and library of exhibitor ideas are now more accessible. Shepard’s national footprint and far-reaching network of partnerships are now front and center.

Shepard screenshots

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We also shined a light on Shepard’s philanthropic activities, as well an ongoing DEI and sustainability initiatives. These additions reflect the company’s genuine commitments to fostering a caring, inclusive, and sustainable culture.

Behind the scenes, we turned a generic WordPress theme into a fully on-brand, bespoke user experience, and set the marketing team up with a search engine-optimized content structure informed by keyword research.

The site is easy to administer and is built for growth.


Already, Shepard is shooting to the top of search engine results pages for key industry terms.

Confidence has been restored in the website as a sales and marketing tool, as well as an educational resource for repeat clients (retention has been one of the keys to Shepard’s success in the industry).

Over the next year we expect to see Shepard emerge as a thought leader in the industry.

We’ll keep you posted as we analyze the data coming in.

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